About me

My name is Andrei, computer science student and member of MalPhobic Group, a new malware analysis group created by me and two passionate folks with a simple goal: push each other and discover new and interesting threats out in the wild.
While having lots of interests and curiosities to explore in the IT field, I got passionate about threat research, risk mitigation and intelligence analysis.

Anything that you’ll be reading in this blog will be based on real and live malware samples took from well known behavioural analysis websites such as Hybrid Analysis and Any Run.

Professional experiences

I don’t have any professional experiences in the field, everything has been self-taught during my free time.

My goal

It’s simple: keep learning, discover new and emerging threats, try to analyse them and write a semi-professional and in-depth report on how they work, interact with the end user and communicate with the attackers.

My aspirations

Just one big aspiration, to provide interesting discoveries and worthy intelligence to all the blue teams around the world in order to protect their perimeters and make the WWW a safer place 😉